Thinx's 'Pee-Proof' Underwear Is Designed for Bladder Leaks

The company that created "period-proof" undies now has styles for women dealing with incontinence.

Some 25 million Americans have urinary incontinence—and contrary to popular belief, the problem affects many young people too. Leaking can be brought on by pregnancy, childbirth, even uterine fibroids. According to surveys by the National Association for Continence, one in four women over age 18 struggle with a leaky bladder.

There's no question it can be a frustrating and embarrassing issue. But Thinx, the brand that brought us period-proof underwear, is hoping to end the stigma while offering up an alternative to pantyliners and pads. The company's spinoff, Icon—which features "pee-proof" undies—recently expanded its line to include more super-wicking styles meant to keep women dry all day long.

And these aren't your grandma's underwear. In addition to the classic hiphugger ($34) and high-waist ($36) styles, Icon also has bikini ($32) and thong ($28) options. All of the panties can hold up to 6 teaspoons of liquid except the thong, which holds up to 3 teaspoons, according to the website.

Here's hoping Icon can make incontinence a little less stressful, and a lot less taboo. As the company states on its site, "Icon is all about celebrating our strength as women, while chuckling at the ways our beautiful, imperfect, sexy, hilarious, resilient, leaky bodies can go rogue."

As a bonus, every purchase gives back: A percentage of Icon's profits go to The Fistula Foundation, an organization that provides treatment and surgery for women in developing countries with a fistula, or a hole, in their bladders.

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