This $14 Female Urinal Provides Serious Relief When There Are No Restrooms Nearby

No clean bathrooms to be found, no problem.
By Rebecca Deczynski
May 03, 2021
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Imagine being on the road trip of your dreams, enjoying the scenery and finally seeing all of the incredible landscapes on your bucket list. But then nature calls, and there's nowhere for you to relieve yourself. Countless hikers, campers, and road-trippers have faced this dilemma—and for many, there's one tool that saves the day: a female urinal.

When there are no clean public restrooms around and you're not in a setting where you can pop a squat to pee, a female urination device makes it possible to go discreetly while standing up. It's a seriously innovative product—which is likely why Pitch and Trek's female urinal on Amazon has earned a five-star rating from over 3,000 shoppers.

Using the urination device is simple. Pull your pants down as much as necessary, then hold the cone-shaped urinal to your body (like you're peeing in a cup at the doctor's office) and either secure the tip into an empty bottle or just above a toilet. Reviewers say it's "not hard to use," but many recommend practicing at home a few times before you bring it with you in public.

Credit: Amazon

Amazon shoppers consider it a handy tool, especially while travelling or spending time outdoors. "Not only does it give me convenience when out hiking and camping, but [it] makes 'going' more comfortable," wrote one. "No squatting, which is great because I have a bad back and squatting is hard for me to do without pain….My favorite place to use it was the rest area bathroom on the side of the highway. Those places are always so dirty and nasty and 'hovering' over the toilet is not an easy task with my back pain. This made it so easy and painless to go."

The urination device is made of foldable silicone, and it comes with a waterproof carrying bag, so it's easily portable. It's also water-repellant and designed to not hold any odors, so you don't have to worry about it giving off an unpleasant smell. The brand recommends rinsing it with water and wiping it down with an antibacterial wipe or hand sanitizer after each use, but it's also a good idea to give it a full cleaning with soap and water next time you're able to.

Even if you don't often go on outdoor excursions, some users say it makes going to the bathroom more comfortable when they're dealing with pain. One purchased the Pitch and Trek urinal for use after surgery, and another found that it helps them go in public restrooms without straining their arthritic knees. Another considered it a "post-injury miracle" after a fall made it painful for them to sit down (including on the toilet).

For just $14, you can get serious relief wherever you are—even when there's no clean bathroom in sight—thanks to Pitch and Trek's female urinal.

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