Incontinence is one of those conditions that most people prefer not to talk about. As a result, many people aren’t getting the treatment they need to make their daily lives less stressful. So here’s an important news flash for anyone struggling with incontinence right now: You’re not alone! Nearly 25 million Americans deal with bladder control trouble, according to the National Association for Continence. And 75-80% of those people are women.

If you fall into that group, it’s also important to note that there’s plenty you can do to help ease your incontinence woes, and remedy the problem. There are a number of drugs and surgeries that can help, depending on the root cause of the issue. However, if you’re looking for a less invasive fix, there are natural options you can try as well (from kegel exercises to lifestyle choices to supplements) to gain better control of your bladder. Watch this video to learn about six natural remedies for incontinence.