By Sarah DiGiulio
Pass up the vending-machine candy binge, and say yes to a few pieces of this dark chocolate for the dressed-up sweet tooth—without bursting healthy-eating goals.

The product: Pure Dark Sea Salt Rounds ($7.99 for a 3-ounce bag; available at specialty grocers and

The taste factor: Sharp sea salt balances rich dark chocolate in these bite-size pieces for a sophisticated, sweet-and-salty treat.

The health factor: The chocolate is 62% cocoa, which means it's packed with heart-healthy antioxidants. Plus, research shows dark chocolate can help lower high blood pressure. Despite its perks, the candy still has sugar and fat, so keep portion sizes in check. But—we promise—just a few bites of the decadent treat will leave taste buds happy.

Editor's pick:
Make a decadent snack mix with a few pistachios and dried cranberries—the sweet, tart, and savory combo is the perfect late-night splurge.

Why we love it:
Just a few of these indulgent bites satisfy the post-dinner sweet craving, so you won’t overdo your calorie count. And it has heart-healthy brags to boot!