What Is Heart Disease?

Heart disease remains the leading killer in America, but even if you have a family history, heart disease and heart attacks are not inevitable. A healthy diet, regular exercise, cholesterol-lowering drugs, and lifesaving surgeries can reduce your risk of having—or dying from—a heart attack.

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Mom Whose Late Son Died in Drowning Hears His Heart in Little Girl It Saved

“He loved to share, so part of his life and giving some of it to Lola and other children is part of who he was,” mom Brooke Eaton said.
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Heart Attack Symptoms Women Shouldn't Ignore

Heart trouble can easily be confused with other ailments, like indigestion. Check out our symptom decoder so you don't miss any warning signs.
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Pa. Woman Who Died in Dominican All-Inclusive Had Heart Attack, Says Resort

Shortly after arriving on the Caribbean island, Miranda Schaup-Werner collapsed and died.