Shoppers Say This Headache Relief Hat Alleviates Migraines Instantly and Is Like a 'Hug for Your Head'

Reviewers call the best-selling TheraICE Rx “a genuine miracle” for headache relief.

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TheraICE Rx Form Fitting Gel Ice Headache

If you suffer any type of headache—migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches—when one hits, you only want one thing: relief from the pain. The best-selling TheraICE Rx headache relief hat does exactly that, thanks to its unique design that combines cooling therapy and gentle compression where you need it most. And right now, it's on sale for just $35.

TheraICE Rx Form Fitting Gel Ice Headache

To buy: TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat, $35 (was $40);

Now, we'll be the first to admit that this product may look gimmicky. But the TheraICE Rx headache relief hat actually leverages two solid headache relief approaches: cold therapy—clinically known as cryotherapy—and blocking out light in order to treat the sensitivity that often comes with migraines.

It works like this: You store this cap in the fridge or freezer, and when a headache hits, the expert-grade gel capsules inside the mask retain the cold temp to provide you with 360 degrees of cooling relief. The cap provides enough coverage to cool nearly every part of your head, from your temples to your sinuses and the back of your neck, which is where most of the research says cryotherapy has the most power for headaches (more on that in a minute).

Lastly, this headache hat is designed to be comfortably slipped down over your eyes if you want, as it's constructed with soft light-blocking material to provide relief when your headache causes light sensitivity.

This relief isn't surprising, considering research shows cryotherapy helps to relieve pain from all types of headaches. A small 2019 study in Neurology and Neuroscience Reports found that when women applied ice to their necks, their pain intensity from tension-type headaches went down and they felt the pain less frequently throughout the month. Meanwhile, a 2021 study from Turkish researchers found that among cardiac inpatients, applying both heat and cold therapy reduced the intensity of migraine-type headaches.

Edmund Messina, M.D., medical director of the Michigan Headache Clinic in East Lansing previously told Health that icing the temples may help with pulsating headaches since this targets the artery that supplies blood to the lining of the brain, and lowering the temperature of the blood passing through this area might help alleviate some of the throbbing.

What makes this cap better than others, according to the more than 7,800 five-star ratings on Amazon, is that it provides 360-degree relief, fits comfortably, and stays put without uncomfortable velcro (so you can move around and lay down as you're using it). One reviewer who gets migraines ″almost daily″ added, "I'm ready to buy one for everybody I know who suffers from migraines!"

The hat is one size fits all and it sits snugly but not tight, with one reviewer calling it "a hug for your head" and everyone agreeing it's the perfect amount of light pressure. Another reviewer said his wife, who suffers from migraines, likes the soothing "gentle pressure on the face and eyes" that this cap provides.

The TheraICE Rx headache relief hat works so well that one reviewer who was on day two of a migraine spell, said that after just 10 minutes of wearing this cold cap, "it did what my muscle relaxer, Tylenol, and pain spray couldn't do—finally gave me some relief!"

One reviewer who has suffered migraines for 40 years said they put the TheraICE Rx headache relief hat on first thing when they wake up with a spell, and by the time they're done making coffee, they're actually pain-free. "I have not used any pain medication for my migraines since my son purchased this for me," they shared. And a shopper who called it a ″genuine miracle″ said, "this is the first migraine treatment device that has ever worked for me," and they have been able to "cut my prescription medication use by 75%."

And right now, with the TheraICE Rx headache relief hat on sale, relief could be just $35 away. As one headache-suffering reviewer nicely summarized: "Don't waste your money on anything else. This is all you need.

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