This Eye Massager Relieves Headaches and Migraines, According to Amazon Shoppers

“15 min with this baby lessens the severity or completely rids me of my migraine.”

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Eye Mask Massager

Anyone who deals with chronic migraines recognizes the sense of dread that accompanies the onset of symptoms like light sensitivity and auras. Once the throbbing in your head starts, there are few things you can do beyond taking medication and closing your eyes—forget looking at a computer screen. Amazon shoppers, however, have found a product that they say makes the pain from migraines, headaches, and regular eye strain melt away: Renpho's Eye Massager with Heat ($73;

While it looks like a padded eye mask, Renpho's device has built-in heating pads and an air pressure massage feature that uses compression to improve circulation around the eyes. This sensation, shoppers say, helps relieve tension almost instantly. "The air pressure and heat are amazing on my eye and brow areas. There is no way to control the actual massage process, but it has a built-in 15-minute session that goes through all sorts of different patterns around the eye and brow area," wrote one shopper. "I immediately felt relaxed within the first minute."

It also comes with an audio component: The massager can play pre-recorded nature sounds or, if that's not your style, connects to your phone or laptop via Bluetooth. It offers five different modes to combine different treatments—you can stick with just heat, add in vibration and air pressure, or go for a heat-free massage. It's also rechargeable with a USB port and small enough to stash in a bag for travel.

The massager's headband is adjustable, and shoppers say it's perfectly comfortable to wear. "I want to point out how amazing the fit and quality is," wrote one five-star reviewer. "It's hard to describe this other than to say the materials used feel expensive and I feel like I'm in the future with how well it 'hugs' my eye region. Very comfortable."

Many Amazon customers say they gravitated towards Renpho's massager, hoping that it would help relieve their chronic pain: "I get crippling migraines with the majority of pain around my eyes, forehead, and temples and this relieves so much pain and tension," one wrote. "It puts a decent amount of pressure on your temples and eye area and it feels really good, even when dealing with a painful headache."

However, it's also a great tool for simply reducing stress, easing dry eyes, and helping lull you to sleep. Some shoppers even say it helps alleviate "strain and tiredness" that can arise after working on a computer all day.

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To buy: Renpho Eye Massager with Heat, $73,

At $73, Renpho's heated eye massager is a stress-relief tool that can make a real difference—a little shuteye always helps.

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