Tired of questions, she decided to share photos of her skin on Instagram.


Imagine how you would feel if people looked at your body and asked, “Are you a burn victim? A domestic abuse survivor? A blood disease patient?” when you’re absolutely none of those things. Those are the types of questions Berlange Presilus deals with regularly, and now she’s speaking up about what really causes one of her legs to be a different color than the other.

Presilus was born with Klippel Trenaunay syndrome (KTS), a rare vascular disorder that leads to abnormal development of blood vessels, soft tissues (like skin and muscles), and the lymphatic system, according to Mayo Clinic. Because she lives with this disorder, Presilus has decided to document her journey and spread awareness about it.

KTS typically appears as a reddish birthmark (also known as a port-wine stain), vein malformations, and overgrowth of bone and tissue. Though KTS is a genetic condition, it isn’t usually inherited, and the exact cause isn’t yet known. There’s no cure for the disorder, but doctors can work with patients to manage symptoms and prevent complications.

Again, the condition is extremely rare, which is probably why Presilus gets bombarded with insensitive questions. But that doesn’t make it any easier. “I barely take offense to anything anymore. Nevertheless I wonder if people know what tolerance, kindness, and humanity is,” she wrote in a recent Instagram post.

“At times, I wonder, what is 'normal' and who the heck invited that word,” Presilus wrote. “So many people are suffering in silence due to the ridiculous ‘normal’ and ‘beauty’ standards. Everyone [is] fighting some kind of battle, be it mentally, physically, or emotionally.”

KTS happens to be part of Presilus’ story, and she’s doing her part to explain the condition and help others who also have it to see that they’re not alone. She just has one request: “Next time you see someone who may appear NOT so ‘normal’ in your view, BE KIND.”

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