Jessica Simpson Shares a Sweet Photo of Her Kids Sick With the Flu

These kiddos are on the mend.

Jessica Simpson and her family are having a less-than-pleasant start to 2018, but she’s finding a bright spot as her son and daughter recover from the flu.

On Thursday, the star took to Instagram to share a photo of 5-year-old Max and 4-year-old Ace huddled together on the couch. “Fevers and the flu, but still so cute,” she wrote, completing her post with two angel emoji.

People sent well wishes and warnings through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter after Simpson shared her children’s diagnosis. Though typically smiling and active, Simpson’s little ones are two of the more than 60,000 people in the U.S. who have tested positive for influenza. As everyone has probably heard, this year has been a particularly horrifying flu season, with elderly people and children most at risk of serious complications.

Kids are at high risk of flu complications because a child's immune system may not have been previously exposed to such an aggressive strain of the flu virus, Pat Salber, MD, a former emergency room physician based in San Francisco and the founder of the blog The Doctor Weighs In, recently told Health.

And while Simpson’s children appear to be recovering, their home state of California has been hit hard by the flu epidemic. The number of patients in hospitals has surged, resulting in shortages of medicine and a rising death toll, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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