Cosmetics and eye irritation don't mix.

Amanda Seyfried isn’t letting an eye infection stop her from attending the premiere of Mamma Mia 2 in Stockholm. And while we think the actress looks great, we’re not so sure about her decision to apply eye makeup. Both Seyfried and her makeup artist Mary Greenwell shared photos of her look, meant to complement the under-eye redness caused by her infection.

“While most people would hide from the camera, here she is looking as beautiful as ever with makeup purposefully created to work WITH Amanda’s eye infection,” Greenwell captioned a photo of Seyfried. “I love this so much.”

We would have loved it if Seyfried and Greenwell kept makeup away from the area of her infection. Friendly reminder courtesy of the FDA: "Avoid using eye cosmetics if you have an eye infection or the skin around the eye is inflamed." Seyfried–and anyone with an eye infection–should wait for the area to heal and toss all the products and applicators that were used when she had the infection.

While Seyfried didn’t specify what type of eye infection she’s dealing with, one expert told us a tip about wearing makeup with pink eye: “Certainly if you wear makeup, you don’t want to put it on again,” said Amy Coburn, MD, a clinical ophthalmologist with Houston Methodist Hospital.

Greenwell concealed Seyfried’s infection well, but next time, might we suggest a bold lip?