Updated October 28, 2020

Most of us know the classic signs and symptoms of eczema. Understanding the way the skin condition affects a person’s daily life, though? That’s probably less familiar. In this video, we spoke to health and wellness expert Bianca Jade to get a sense of how eczema plays a role in her day-to-day activities.

Diagnosed with eczema at age 30, Jade first noticed symptoms after taking a yoga class. After her practice, her palms felt itchy. So did her legs and feet. “I was like a little kid,” says Jade. “I was just scratching myself and crying and feeling really depressed. I didn’t leave my apartment for a week.”

When Jade visited a dermatologist in her hometown of St. Louis, he immediately diagnosed her with eczema—and told her that there was no cure for the skin condition. Since then, Jade’s eczema flares tend to come and go without warning. “It can be mentally frustrating and even depressing,” she admits.

When it comes to dealing with her dry, cracked, irritated skin, fitness is extremely important. “I work out every day,” says Jade. “That’s part of my life. It’s something that’s fun for me.”

Staying physically active helps the fitness influencer feel confident, empowered, and comfortable in her skin. Plus, it’s her life’s work! Jade started blogging 12 years ago to help motivate women to get fit.

WATCH THE VIDEO: What Causes Eczema?

Today, Jade is taking steps to make her physical and emotional health her top priorities: “I got really into meditation,” she says, something she never expected herself to try. Taking time to reflect, calm her senses, and “go inward” have all helped her find calm amidst the stresses that eczema can bring. Eating healthy and cutting back on sugar have also helped, she tells us.

Above all, Jade tries to stay stress-free. “Having eczema absolutely does not hold me back,” she says. “I won’t let it.” Instead, she views her diagnosis as a challenge that she has the strength to overcome. Take that, eczema.