Kristin Davis Used This Mantra to Get Through Her Child's Eczema Diagnosis

Every mom could use this mantra.

Most moms are stressed enough. Add a child's scary and unidentified health condition, and the pressure and anxiety can be extremely difficult. Former Sex and the City actress Kristin Davis understood this stress firsthand when her first child has symptoms of a skin condition, but doctors didn't offer any solid answers.

"One of my mantras is 'to be the best mother I can be,'" Davis tells Health. "One of the best ways I can do that is to listen to my instincts at all times about what is going on with my kids and to speak up for them." When Davis was told that her child's eczema was "just a rash," this mantra helped her trust her gut that something more was going on, and then push for a more definitive diagnosis.

"It was kind of wrecking our lives," Davis says, of the sleep disturbances and uncomfortable itching her child suffered. "I really had to trust myself that I could speak and knew that it was not 'just a rash.'".

After speaking to doctors who realized her child had eczema, she continued to use this mantra to figure out the best course of treatment. "Listening to my instincts in terms of when to speak up has been a blessing for myself," says Davis. "When you have the responsibility of caring for other beings, It’s important to feel the strengths of your convictions."

You can watch the rest of Kristin's mantra in the video above.

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