5 Things Someone With Eczema Wants You to Know

Even if you don’t suffer from the skin condition yourself, you probably know what eczema looks like. Flaky patches of skin that cause itching and irritation. Rashes that can bubble up and crust over. Rough scales and dry, cracked skin. But knowing the signs of eczema is different from actually experiencing them. Just ask wellness expert and blogger Bianca Jade, also known as Mizzfit. In this video, we talk to the fitness influencer about how she handles her eczema, plus what she wants others to know about the skin condition that affects 30 million people in the United States.

A big misconception about eczema is that it’s contagious, but this isn’t the case. “You’re not going to get it by touching me,” says Jade. It’s not necessary to avoid contact with someone who has eczema, even if they are experiencing a flare-up.

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“If you see someone that has it, maybe you will stare at it because that’s just part of being a human being—you stare at things that are different,” says Jade. But that doesn’t mean you need to attract attention to the person’s skin. Mizzfit’s third tip is to avoid pointing out the skin condition—someone with eczema is aware they have it, and don’t need you to remind them.

Jade adds that she wishes more people knew that eczema can take both a physical and emotional toll on people who have it. This is something the blogger has experienced firsthand: When she couldn’t pick objects up or put on gloves due to severe eczema between her fingers, she felt frustrated and depressed.

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That brings Jade to her final point: Showing compassion to someone with eczema (or any skin condition, for that matter) goes a long way. “Being sympathetic and offering to help out, knowing that that person is probably struggling with it,” she says. “Little thoughts of kindness are always nice.” We couldn’t agree more.

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