Users Say the Squatty Potty Foldable Toilet Stool Helps Them Poop Faster—and It's 19% Off for 'Health' Readers

It elevates your legs in a unique position to help you go number two.

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If you've ever sat on the toilet for more than 10 minutes, then you probably know the struggle of having to go number two. Pooping isn't easy for everyone, but there are tools available that can help—like a toilet stool. The most widely-recognized name for these stools is Squatty Potty, which created tons of buzz when it first launched in the 2010s and now sells a number of different options that customers rave about.

And right now, we have an exclusive promo code for Health readers to get a double discount on one of Squatty Potty's newest variations, the Oslo Foldable Toilet Stool. While it's already 9% off at Amazon, you can apply our code 5FOLDSQUAT at checkout to take an extra 10% off and save even more.

A 7.87- by 7.47-inch bamboo stool, the Oslo was launched at the end of 2020 and quickly became one of Squatty Potty's best-sellers, according to the brand. What sets this version apart from others is that it's conveniently foldable, so you can collapse it after use and slide it behind your toilet or in a cabinet to free up space in even the tiniest bathrooms. And while there are a variety of plastic options, this one has a bamboo finish, which gives it a "spa-ready" look.

If you're wondering how a stool helps people poop faster, there's actually science behind how it works: It props your legs in a squat-like position to help stimulate your bowels, and this position gives you the oomph you need "for pushing that bowel movement out," Virginia-based gastroenterologist Pat Raymond, MD, previously told Health.

Plus, a 2019 study published by the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology found the Squatty Potty to be an effective bowel movement tool. After participants were asked to test the device for two weeks and report their findings in a post-experiment survey, 85% said they experienced increased bowel emptiness, and 90% reported reduced strain while pooing.

Squatty Potty Oslo Folding Bamboo Toilet Stool

To buy: Squatty Potty Oslo Foldable Toilet Stool, $36 with code 5FOLDSQUAT (was $45);

Hundreds of Amazon shoppers rave about the toilet stool; one person even said they "don't poop without it," and continued, "I have used a stool before but [it was] awkward, not the correct height, etc. This is heavy, high-quality wood, attractive looking. The hinges are very durable, easily folds/unfolds. The size is just right for 'assuming the position,' and has made a huge difference in being able to fully evacuate my bowels, which is so great."

"This is a great product that REALLY WORKS!! If you have ANY issues with constipation or irregularities, this is the product for you," said another. "I've had issues for years. But now I've gone from once or twice a week to once or twice a DAY!! It's portable and very easily stored if that's what you need to do. It's attractive and sturdy, and has a carrying bag if needed for travel."

Amazon shoppers aren't the only ones who swear by this tool. Ashley Graham previously revealed that she uses the brand's Bamboo Flip Stool ($35, was $40; to keep her poop running smoothly.

If you're looking to speed up your pooing process and make it less "crappy," give the Squatty Potty Oslo Foldable Toilet Stool a go while this exclusive discount code lasts.

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