"New relationship? First weekend together? No problem! A couple squirts of poo-pourri in the bowl and all is well!"

Updated January 30, 2020
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Pooping is a completely normal bodily function, yet we’re still made to feel like *crap* about a smelly number two. We enter a stinky bathroom and play the blame game trying to suss out who left behind an unpleasant odor, despite knowing we’ve all smelt, er, felt the shame of stinky poo. Let’s face it: We’re simultaneously fascinated and completely disgusted by poop

While we can only wish we lived in a world where everyone owns their own business, there is a super simple way to say adios to your poop shame: Poo-Pourri’s Before-You-Go Toilet Spray ($8, was $9; amazon.com).

Using a combination of essential oils and other natural compounds, the non-toxic spray prevents odors from entering the air and, in turn, keeps the bathroom smelling fresh regardless of recent bathroom activity. You simply spritz a few sprays of the freshener into the toilet before you go and then enjoy a delightfully odor-free defecation—pretty simple, right?

It may sound closer to magic than legitimate science, but it actually works. When sprayed before dropping the deuce, the all-natural formula creates a barrier on the surface of the toilet bowl’s water to trap odors. Instead of smelling like a big poo, the only fragrance escaping the porcelain throne is your selected Poo-Pourri scent. Luckily, you’ve got more than 25 aromas to choose from, with scents ranging from Lavender Vanilla (the most popular) to a seasonal Pumpkin Chai

poo pourri lavendar vanilla scent 2 ounce bottle
Credit: Amazon

You’ll breathe easier (literally and figuratively) with this beloved product in hand. Not only does it conquer the foulest of odors, but it’s also made without parabens, aerosols, alcohol, formaldehyde, or synthetic fragrances. And you’ll definitely get your money’s worth—one 2-ounce bottle includes enough product to hide up to 100 poos.

Unsurprisingly, this embarrassment-ending spray is a number one best-seller on Amazon, with more than 12,200 people attesting to its powers. From a family of 6 with a “horrific nightmare” of a bathroom to 3 men sharing a hotel room trying to “prevent the smell of death from emanating throughout the room,” this game-changing spray has legitimately changed lives. As if you needed any more convincing, we collected some of our favorite reviews, below.

“Is it magic?” One reviewer asked: “I work in an office full of men who eat fried food for lunch almost on a daily basis. After putting up with their after-lunch-pool-parties for months, I found this. It smells so good! The minute you spray this, the smell permeates the bathroom and it's such a pleasure to hang for longer than normal. Some of my coworkers will even say, ‘Dude no amount of Poo-Pourri is going to help me.’ They come out of the bathroom and tell me how surprisingly pleasant of a trip they just had. We're on bottle number three. I don't think I'll ever allow this office to run out of it.”

Another wrote: “Somewhere in human history, shame has been cruelly attached to a normal bodily function—help remove the shame with Poo-Pourri. New relationship? First weekend together? Someone has to destroy a common toilet? No problem! Squirt a couple squirts of poo-pourri in the bowl before you release the Krackken and all is well! Married for 100 years? Staying in a new age hotel with no bathroom door? Not to worry. A little poo-pourri in the can and then let her rip. If your stench makes people see the face of god and your heinous and loathsome death sharts could kill small birds, fear no more.” 

If you’re ready to end the walk of shame (from the bathroom) once and for all, look no further than this beloved spray. Whether you invest in a tiny bottle for pooping on the go or a large bottle to permanently plant by the can, this $8 spray will change your bathroom experience and put an end to poop-shaming for good. 

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