Model Encourages Body Positivity With Before and After Belly Bloat Photos

Her photos reveal how normal bloating is.

Just about everyone has found themselves loosening their belt at least a little after a meal. Now, a London-based influencer Model Ambar Miraaj Driscoll has documented, on Instagram, her own post-meal belly bloat to make a point about how normal bloating is.

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"The first photo was first thing in the morning, the second from after breakfast, and the third from the other night, after a day of eating a lot of good food that a year ago I would've hated myself for eating," she wrote.

Driscoll went on to explain the second two photos, which show her stomach in comparison to the first photo.

"I usually experience bad bloating after a meal and that's OKAY, and these photos show how much my body changes over the course of a day, and is completely NORMAL," she continued. "It took me a lot of time to build up the courage to post these photos as for so long I've thought that I need to show to the world the most perfect version of myself, but why?"

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"I know in my own experience that accounts filled with filtered perfection often lead me to feel insecure about my own body or life, and the accounts that actually benefit my mental health are the people who remind me that they're human," she wrote in her caption.

Belly bloating can occur for a number of reasons. High-sodium diets, overeating, and different food allergies can all cause your stomach to swell. But even just a normal meal can change your stomach's appearance, as Driscoll demonstrates—and that's completely natural.

"It's taken me a long time to learn that my self-worth isn't determined by how flat my stomach is or whether I have a gap between my thighs," she added. "I'm trying to be a lot kinder in my outlook towards my body, and I hope this post reminds you that no one looks 'perfect' all the time and we shouldn't feel pressured to."

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