I’m feeling so depressed. Yikes, that’s depressing! We throw around phrases like these all too often, without much thought. But the reality is, depression is a very serious mental health issue. It affects nearly one in six people at some point in their lives. In fact, it is the most common mental illness.

Depression is more than a case of “the blues,” or feeling especially sad. Some people with depression may not even feel sad at all. It is a debilitating disorder than can cause a range of symptoms including hopelessness, a loss of interest and pleasure in daily activities, weight loss or gain, fatigue, trouble sleeping or excessive sleep, difficulty concentrating, appetite changes, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, and thoughts of death or suicide.

Because of the complexity of symptoms, there are plenty of misconceptions about depression. Many people think you can just “snap out of it” like a bad mood, and that it’s not really an illness. Some people assume everyone with depression has the same experience; or that if depression runs in your family, you’re bound to get it too. But none of these things are true. Watch this video to learn more about the common myths surrounding the difficult disorder.