Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp

This Compact Lamp for Light Therapy Is Loved by Over 2,600 Amazon Shoppers—and 'Health' Readers Get a Discount

It’s like sunlight distilled into one small package.
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When the sun rises later and sets earlier through winter months, it's common for people to feel an impact on their mood—there's a reason why, on the rare sunny day, you might start to feel your spirits lift. The lack of natural light this time of year is a major factor that can cause seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression that an estimated 5% of Americans deal with each year, with even more experiencing a more mild form of "winter blues." Luckily, there's a simple and accessible treatment that experts say works: light therapy

The goal of light therapy is to use a bright (100,000 lux, or the equivalent of a clear, sunny day) light to mimic sunlight when Mother Nature just isn't doing the trick. Studies have shown that using one of these lamps for 20 to 60 minutes a day can effectively lift your mood. They're easy to find, too—and one highly rated option, Circadian Optics's Light Therapy Lamp ($50, was $60; is available to Health readers for an extra 15% off with the coupon code 15HEALTH2021 through March 1.

A lamp for light therapy can take up a considerable amount of room on a desk or nightstand, but this model is well-designed for small spaces. It's 14 inches tall and narrow enough to squeeze in beside a laptop, but its restricted dimensions don't mean it's any less powerful: The light that it emits goes up to the recommended brightness of 100,000 lux.

Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp
Credit: Amazon

More than 2,600 Amazon shoppers have given the lamp a five-star rating. "I was worried that this small light wouldn't work for me. Boy was I wrong! The first day I used it, I felt like I'd drank a whole pot of coffee," wrote one shopper. "Now I feel great every day. I have loads of energy and sleep well every night."

Other reviewers have said that in spite of its size, its benefits are great. "This lamp is small enough that it's never in the way on my cluttered desk, but big enough to make a true difference," one wrote. "It has done WONDERS for my mental health."

If you are struggling with SAD, it's a good idea to speak with a doctor who can prescribe the best course of action for your treatment. However, the benefits of light therapy have been proven time and time again, and a lamp like this slender option from Circadian Optics has the potential to lift your mood and help you wake up in the morning.

From now through March 1, use the code 15HEALTH2021 to get an extra 15% off of Circadian Optics's light therapy lamp that shoppers say "makes a huge difference." Things will look brighter soon. 

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