February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you don't want a common cold getting in the way of your hot date. Follow these tips to stay sniffle-free and cuddle up to your honey, knowing you won't infect them too. [HuffPost]

Then, when you're feeling healthy, try preparing one of these 10 sexy, healthy foods for Valentine's Day. Chocolate—and other tasty aphrodisiacs—included! [FitSugar]

If you find yourself running late and guzzling down coffee on a regular basis, there might be a new way to get your caffeine fix. A Harvard professor recently invented a product that allows you to inhale a coffee cup's worth of caffeine with just one puff. Although he insists the product is safe, it has yet to be reviewed by the FDA. [Fox News]

Would you trust your doctor with your life? Most people would say yes, but new research suggests we have reason to be skeptical of our physicians and need to be wary of medical lies. [TIME Healthland]

For many of us, the weekend means it's time for a cocktail…or two. Studies suggest that college students aren't the only ones binge drinking these days, but a large amount of adults too. So what exactly does excess alcohol do to your body? You might be surprised to find out. [Greatist]

As wonderful as a weekly massage sounds, spa treatments can get pricey very fast. Instead, learn how to use a foam roller in these short videos, for a muscle-relaxing experience that won't break the bank. [dailySpark]

Need motivation to get to the gym? Set your exercise goals and try this app that takes $5 off your credit card every time you miss a workout you've committed to doing. At the end of the week, the cash goes to those who stuck to their fitness goals. Lose weight and gain money—sounds like a win-win! [Vital Juice]

The risk of getting a blood clot doubles when you're on an airplane for more than four hours—just ask Serena Williams, who recently experienced this brutal pain. Here are some tips on how to fly without getting deep vein thrombosis before your destination. [Vitamin G]