Amazon Shoppers Say This Foot Massage Machine Is the 'Real Deal' for Relieving Pain—and It's $100 Off

“Holy moly, my feet and legs feel like heaven.”
By Rebecca Deczynski
August 06, 2021
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At the end of a long day, a good foot massage will provide relief for just about anyone—but for people with foot conditions or chronic pain, it's a treatment that can seriously make a difference in how comfortable they feel walking, standing, and going about their life. While regular spa treatments sound like a nice luxury, they're not quite realistic, so Amazon shoppers have turned to a massage machine that gets the job done instead. Cloud Massage's Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine is loved by more than 5,400 customers, and it's currently on sale for a whopping $100 off.

Foot massages don't just feel good, they also have tangible benefits."Let's face it—our feet demand attention and care," New York City-based podiatrist Nelya Lobkova, DPM, explains to Health. "Foot massage is particularly helpful for those with most conditions that cause pain and soreness in the feet, i.e. tendonitis, heel and arch pain, joint pain, [or] neuroma pain. It can also benefit those with venous insufficiency or chronically swollen feet by assisting in pumping the fluid build-up up and out of the legs."

Several Amazon reviewers say the Cloud foot massager helps relieve their plantar fasciitis, and Dr. Lobkova agrees that the device can make a difference for this condition. "Plantar fasciitis is caused by a tight plantar fascia band that tears upon walking and activity," she says. "Breaking up, stretching, and heating the band using this massager will aid in reducing the tearing and thus reducing the inflammation and pain associated with plantar fasciitis. It is more effective to have a device stretch and massage than to do it ourselves since the force used would be stronger." If the massager causes any pain, take breaks and ice the feet for 15 minutes between sessions, she advises.

Some users add that the shiatsu foot massager is the next best thing to a professional spa treatment. "It's powerful," one wrote. "It kneads your feet like they were dough, stretches the arches, [and] wraps the feet in a tight squeeze." Another called the machine "strong and effective"—like getting a deep tissue massage, but without the in-house masseuse. 

Credit: Amazon

"I am doing a compassion project and vaccinating my peeps in my hometown. I am also still a busy ICU nurse. Long shifts on my feet. I had to do something because my feet were killing me softly with all the extra shifts," wrote another person. "Enter this baby into my life, and holy moly, my feet and legs feel like heaven. It instantly relaxes my feet and I sleep so good. Where has this been in my 12 year nursing career?"

The machine is adjustable, so you can set it down on the floor for a true foot massage, or position it upright for a calf massage instead. It has three levels of intensity and five different modes: rolling massage, compression therapy, heat, swaying (to loosen joints), and a quiet mode for a calmer treatment. For the relief it gives, customers seem to agree that it's "worth every penny."

Thanks to an on-site coupon, you can currently get Cloud Massage's foot massager for $100 its normal price—but who knows how long the sale will run, so it's best to act fast. Your feet and legs deserve it.

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