Her photo is the most inspiring thing you'll see today.


If there’s one word to describe Dominique Mitchell, it’s survivor. Before she survived breast cancer, she survived sexual assault. Although she overcame each experience differently, one thing didn’t change: her refusal to give up.

As a single mother, Mitchell’s battle with cancer was about more than just herself; it was about her two children, too. Sure, some moments were harder than others. But she knew she had to be strong, even when she couldn't get her self-esteem "off the floor," as she put it.

“Some days I take 100 pictures because I looked abnormal in 99 of them. Sometimes I make different body movements and facial expression in the mirror because I don’t want to look ugly in the real world,” Mitchell wrote in an Instagram post on the page @yourunlikeagirl alongside a photo showing her mastectomy scars.

It’s not always easy to be strong, but Mitchell knows she has what it takes. “Today, I said I am just as great as any woman I cross paths with. Today, I embraced my scars and embraced the stares of those who don’t understand.”

She's made a promise to herself to embrace womanhood without breasts, and she has a powerful reason behind the promise: “I am going to do everything in my power to embrace every scar, out loud, every day. And it’s not to be sexy for anyone, it’s because I have to be okay with being unapologetically me, and I cannot do that subtly.”

Mitchell reminds us that being a woman is so much more than what our bodies look like or how we dress. It should be about lifting each other up, and that’s exactly what she plans to do. She’s made it her goal to help other women who are struggling to overcome the “impossible” and to show them they can accomplish absolutely anything.

“My role of being a woman held me back when I was unaware of my feminine power,” she wrote. “I had to find myself. Now that I found me, and the fire has been ignited, there is no stopping me.”

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