Ann Trachtenberg joked that she wanted a marching band to lead her out of her final chemotherapy treatment. She had no idea her family took her seriously.

About five months ago, Ann Trachtenberg started chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer at the University of Wisconsin's Carbone Cancer Center. Once it was all over, she joked, she wanted to be lead out of her final chemo treatment to the triumphant sound of a marching band, the Carbone Cancer Center wrote on its Facebook page.

Little did she know, her family took her seriously. Her niece contacted the Badger Band at the University of Wisconsin, and Trachtenberg got her wish.

ABC News reported that while Trachtenberg couldn't be reached for a comment, her daughter expressed gratitude on Facebook, saying:

“Thank you to the UW Carbone Center for taking great care of my mom, to the UW marching band for providing the perfect celebratory soundtrack, to my amazing cousin for all she has done over the past few months, to our family and friends who have provided support in many ways, and to all of you for your kind and supportive comments here!”

Trachtenberg will continue to receive routine maintenance treatments at the center with her family, the Badger Band, and the thousands of commenters who watched the video on Facebook cheering her on.