Whether you're a breast cancer survivor, a friend or a caregiver of someone affected, or just a concerned citizen, it's hard to deny the need for more research funding and awareness about the disease that affects roughly 200,000 women in America every year.

It's also hard to deny the need for regular exercise—both to reduce your breast cancer risk and for your overall health and well being. Even breast cancer survivors can benefit from regular physical activity; easy workout sessions after surgery or chemotherapy can help women get their bodies and their independence back.

Get fit

That's one reason why physical fitness and breast cancer awareness go so well together. And this month—and throughout the year—you can benefit your own health as well as contribute to the fight against breast cancer by purchasing any of these fitness products, the proceeds of which will be donated to worthy causes. See the slideshow here.

Pamper yourself

When you're done working out, pamper yourself with more pink products to benefit breast cancer research and awareness; try these spa-inspired finds to help you feel good inside and out.

For more information on where breast cancer awareness money actually goes, read this guide to charity donations.