Model Ericka Hart Proudly Shows Breast Cancer Scars in Swimsuit for Chromat Runway Show

She posted an inspiring message about how bodies like hers belong in runway shows on Instagram.

Back in 2014, model Ericka Hart was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. But her diagnosis and treatment didn't stop her modeling career: During fashion week on September 12, she participated in the Chromat runway show, with her mastectomy scars on full display.

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The next day, Hart, 35, took to Instagram to post photos from the show and explain how much it meant to her to walk the runway.

"Fashion weeks put such a high premium on whose body is worthy to be seen," she explained. "There's no way you can be apart of the fashion world and not critique it."

Hart continued her thoughts on the importance of inclusion in the fashion world. "Even as many Black queer trans non binary fat and disabled folks are granted access to a space that was created to exclude us, we have to still critique it and consider why we even want access to that space," she wrote. She then thanked Chromat for creating an inclusive fashion show.

Hart's followers were quick to praise her post, with fellow model Tess Holliday commenting, "JUST-WOWWWW." Writer and producer Danielle Young added, "Doing so many things for the people always!" Another fan wrote, "this caption is so brilliant & hit the nail on the head!!!"

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