From breastfeeding and implants to bra ambivalence and headlights.

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New mom Mila Kunis recently went on Conan and joked about her post-baby breasts: "Boy, did these things grow!" At the other end of the cup spectrum, Pamela Anderson reportedly quipped last year at an Italian film festival: “My boobs have had the career; I’m just tagging along.”

Smart ladies. After all, everyone else has an opinion on their upper bodies, so why shouldn't the stars themselves get to weigh in?

Here, in no particular order, 11 celebrated women riff on their racks: from breastfeeding and implants to bra ambivalence and headlights, they go there.

On being bigger after baby

"I don't know how to deal with them because I've never had them, and so I've always dressed for a flat-chested girl. And all of a sudden I'm busty and I'm like 'Wow, check it out!' This is amazing to me. It's a whole new world."
Mila Kunis, Conan, February 2015

On getting implants

"I had no boobs! And it really was the best thing ever! I always felt ill-proportioned. My implants made me feel more confident in my body. It wasn't about trying to be a porn star or wanting to look hot and sexy."
—Kaley Cuoco, Redbook, February 2015

On false modesty

—Chrissy Teigen, Twitter, April 2015

On post-breastfeeding deflation

"It turns out that pre-baby t-ts are, like, so much bigger than post-baby t-ts," she said. "Sorry, babies."
—Anna Pacquin, Late Night with Seth Meyers, July 2014

On refusing a breast reduction

"When I moved to America, I was more voluptuous, and I felt a little different. And one time, years ago, I remember my publicist [at the time] told me, 'I think you should just reduce your boobs because nobody's going to take you seriously here.' My mother almost had a heart attack. She was like, 'God is going to punish you! You can't cut your boobs!' I don't regret not doing it, because now it's become a big part of Gloria."
Sofia Vergara, Health, December 2011

On thinking outside the bra

"If I'm wearing a top, I don't wear a bra. If I'm wearing a bra, I just wear a bra."
—Rihanna, Vogue, February 2014

On not being matchy-matchy

"I went to the doctor today and got a chest X-ray of my lungs and discovered that my breasts are uneven! I was like standing there with these doctors and they're like looking at my lungs and I just couldn't—it felt like an elephant in the room—and I was like, 'Are my breasts uneven?' They were just stifled and uncomfortable, obviously."
—Jennifer Lawrence, Jimmy Kimmel Live, January 2013

On ditching implants

"Frankly, I'd like to be able to take a Zumba class without the fear that I'll end up with two black eyes."
—Melissa Gilbert, her blog, December 2014

On being photographed topless

"I've had my body manipulated so many different times for so many different reasons, whether it's paparazzi photographers or for film posters. That [Interview shoot] was one of the ones where I said: 'OK, I'm fine doing the topless shot so long as you don't make them any bigger or retouch.' Because it does feel important to say it really doesn't matter what shape you are."
Keira Knightley, The Times UK, November 2014

On developing late

"I felt so out of place. I was miserable…So one time I took a road trip with my mom. We went to this church that was supposed to have this saint that did a lot of miracles...I put my hands in holy water—this is the recipe, girls out there—and I said, 'Please God, give me some breasts!' And he gave me them!"
—Salma Hayek, The Late Show with David Letterman, undated

On not judging a book by its bosom

—Dolly Parton, Twitter, August 2012