Credit: Alex Sandoval

You'll be sporting these long after October ends. 

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women, second only to some types of skin cancer. Roughly one in eight women in the United States (about 12%) will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. In October, people across the globe come together for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to celebrate those battling the disease, those who survived it, and those whose lives were taken by it. 

Wearing pink is a great way to honor the cause, whether you're going to an awareness walk or fundraiser, or you're just going about your day. Pink has been the designated color for the breast cancer awareness movement for decades, and those affected by the disease know they have an ally in people sporting the color. These seven pink workout tops all support breast cancer awareness—and are so stylish, you'll be sporting them long after October ends. 

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