In a commentary piece, a researcher looks at the existing research and concludes that drinking alcohol is linked to 7 kinds of cancer

By Justin Worland,
Updated July 25, 2016
Usually if anyone who says they're allergic to alcohol, they're actually sensitive to an ingredient in certain drinks. A common allergen is sulfites, says Dr. McGrath, which are compounds present in red wine and dark beer that can cause itchy eyes and a runny or stuffy nose.Other root causes of allergies to booze can include hops or gluten (in beer), potatoes (in vodka), and mixers made with fruits or nuts (in cocktails). Dr. McGrath says he's heard of people being physically allergic to alcohol itself, but he's never seen a case himself.
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In a commentary section of the journal Addiction called “For Debate,” a New Zealand researcher warns that alcohol has been strongly linked to at least seven different types of cancer.

Jennie Connor, an epidemiologist and the author of the commentary, reviewed epidemiological and biological research on alcohol and cancer and concludes that the evidence is strong that alcohol consumption is a cause of cancer.

Breast, colon, and liver cancer were among the types of cancer caused by alcohol, according to her analysis. She notes that the precise effect may be somewhat stronger or weaker than found in existing studies, but the fundamental relationship between the substance and disease holds true.

The paper is the latest in a string of research to show a link between alcohol consumption and cancer.

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