Props to these famous female stars for opening up about using IUDs, getting their tubes tied, and more.


We love it when celebs give us a peek into their personal lives. Seeing their no-makeup selfies and hearing them go on about mental health issues like anxiety reminds us that stars face the same struggles we do.

And when they chat about their birth control? Bring it on—we can totally relate. Whether they’re putting their trust in an IUD or demanding that their partner get his tubes tied, we're glad that some celebs, like the five below, are not shy when it comes to contraception confessions.

Jessica Simpson

During her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week, Simpson shut down the baby-on-the-way rumors and confirmed that she’s not trying to get pregnant. The star had previously appeared on the show while expecting, but this time she made it clear there was no baby on board—thanks to her preferred method of birth control. “We got an IUD,” said the mom of two. “Nothing’s going to get in that uterus.”

Kelly Clarkson

After experiencing constant nausea and extreme dehydration during her two back-to-back pregnancies, the pop singer has said that she had her fallopian tubes tied last year to ensure she couldn’t conceive ever again.

But the 35-year-old didn’t stop there. She also had husband Brandon Blackstock get a vasectomy. While pregnant with her second-born, a son she named Remy, “I was like, ‘[my husband is] getting fixed. This will never happen to me again,’” she told Jenny McCarthy on SiruisXM last October.

Lena Dunham

“I’ve been on the birth-control pill on and off for almost 15 years,” wrote Lena Dunham in a Lenny Letter that rounded up contributors’ favorite contraception methods. “It's the only thing that can control my endometriosis pain, and it's made my skin clearer, my moods more even, and my life altogether finer.”

Elizabeth Banks

In a video in support of Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, Banks told viewers that Planned Parenthood was her primary health-care provider when she didn’t have health insurance after graduating from college.

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“Yes, I got birth control [from Planned Parenthood], but it was for my massive migraine headaches and my heavy flow,” Banks says in the video. “Yes, I’m on record saying I have a healthy flow.”

Jennifer Garner

Garner’s marriage to Ben Affleck may be over (RIP), but the actress wasn’t afraid to call out their use of multiple forms of birth control before they split. In 2013, the actress and mother of three joked to Ellen DeGeneres that when she and Affleck got romantic, there were “57 kinds of contraceptives used pretty much,” and three of them were under age eight. Now that’s protection!