This Booster Pillow Improves My Posture and Reduces Lower Back Pain—and It's Only $20

Shoppers also use it to combat restless leg syndrome, eliminate neck pain, soothe sinus headaches, and relieve pressure in the knee joints.
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The bad news: At least 80% of the population will experience back pain in their lives, according to the American Chiropractic Association. The good news: There are plenty of ways to soothe an achy, breaky back. For me, it's a combination of sleeping on the right mattress and making smart swaps in my everyday life, like using a stability ball as my desk chair. I'm also always on the hunt for stuff that can help me avoid these aches in the first place, which is how I stumbled upon the Cushy Form Half Moon Booster Pillow ($20; 

The memory foam pillow is created for knee and back pain relief and has a unique semi-circle design that slips into the empty crevices under your knees, neck, and back. It's an easy way to keep your spine and hips aligned—a key part of preventing any neck and back pain—and it has more than 800 positive ratings for its therapeutic benefits. It's also my new favorite bedroom accessory. 

My love affair with the pillow started when it arrived at my doorstep almost a month ago. The box was much smaller than I imagined for an XL pillow, but my concerns were squashed when I opened the airtight package inside. The flat pillow quickly expanded into a luxuriously plush semi-circle about the length of my torso. Equal parts supportive and squishy, it felt like the perfect addition to my throne of pillows. 

The first night, I snuggled up to it like a regular pillow under my neck. It was comfy, but I wasn't obsessed… at least not yet. The next day, I decided to work from my bed—a bad habit I've fallen into—using the half-moon pillow as lower back support while typing on my laptop. It was an immediate upgrade to my questionable work setup, both correcting my posture and providing instant relief to my slightly aching lower back. We've been together ever since. 

I take it everywhere with me around my apartment: the couch, the kitchen table, my desk. Really, the only place this pillow hasn't come along to is the bathroom. Luckily, I don't have to feel bad about dragging it around my home, because the exterior pillowcase is removable for a quick cycle through the washing machine.

Half Moon Bolster Pillow

While I've primarily relied on the pillow for back support, other reviewers say its benefits surpass this. Shoppers say they've used the pillow to combat restless leg syndrome, eliminate neck pain, soothe sinus headaches, and relieve pressure in the knee joints from arthritis. In fact, one reviewer uses 2 pillows each night under the neck and knees, which they say allows them to wake up almost pain-free each morning. 

Best of all, the pain-relieving pillow doesn't cost a fortune. It normally costs less than $30 on Amazon and is currently on sale ahead of the holidays. That means you can score the supportive memory foam pick for just $20 right now.

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