The 7 Best Acupressure Mats for Dealing with Pain, According to Customers

“Clearly evil, but extremely effective.”

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There's something slightly sadistic about the idea of lying on thousands of little plastic spikes for 15 minutes straight—yet the Internet continues to be up in arms about the benefits of acupressure mats, which they claim can put an end to chronic back pain, soothe sore muscles, and relieve tension.

While these spiky mats may look like modern day torture devices, their unique designs actually hit thousands of acupressure points at once, resulting in natural pain relief and relaxation. Inspired by acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine (which precisely targets specific parts of your body), these mats are kind of like a modified, less intense version that you can do at home.

To maximize the benefits, it's recommended to lay on the mat for up to 20 minutes a day. Most users experience pain at first, but as it subsides, many report their body loses tension and starts to feel more relaxed. You can also adjust the level of your treatment by opting to use the mat against bare skin (for a stronger effect) or reduce the intensity by adding a lightweight fabric layer—like a T-shirt or sheet—between your skin and the mat.

While there's no definitive science that says an acupressure mat will put an end to your pain, a 2011 exploratory study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that participants were able to "subjectively relax" when lying on the acupressure mat. Researchers also observed "the pain [from lying on the acupressure mat] may hypothetically have triggered a parasympathetic response." This response, which triggers a relaxed state, could be why many users rave about how zen their body feels post-treatment.

While there isn't a *ton* of additional science behind these therapeutic mats, there are plenty of rave reviews from customers who call them both "life-changing" and the "best all-natural method" for pain relief. If you're interested in seeing for yourself, we scoured thousands of customer reviews to uncover the 7 best acupressure mats you can buy online. Here, you'll find the best options for targeting pain in different areas of your body, plus why owners consider them to be clear standouts.

Best Overall: Prosource Fit Acupressure Mat

Prosource Fit Acupressure Mat

A five-star reviewer summed up this pain-reducing mat best by labeling it "clearly evil, but extremely effective." That's because the soft foam mat and pillow set are covered in tiny plastic dots—which each have 27 small spikes—for a total of almost 8,000 acupressure points. While undeniably painful at first, a 10-minute session lying, sitting, or standing on this mat can release muscle tension and stimulate blood flow, leaving you feeling refreshed. This mat also has over 1,500 perfect five-star reviews from users who've called it both "life-changing" and "very relaxing." Plus, it comes in seven colors.

Best Two-in-One Option for Back and Neck Pain: Bed of Nails Original Acupressure Mat

Bed of Nails, Pink Original Acupressure Mat

This two-in-one set includes both an acupressure mat and a bolster pillow, making it a great option for relieving pain and tension on the upper back, neck, and shoulders (simply lay your back on the mat with the acupressure pillow under your neck to target all areas). Inspired by a literal bed of nails—the method once used for meditation and healing by gurus—this modern interpretation replaces metal with nearly 9,000 plastic spikes distributed across 210 acupressure plates (on the mat alone) for complete relaxation. Between the pillow and mat, you'll have hundreds of thousands of acupressure points working to stimulate blood flow and reduce pain. The plates are not only made with non-toxic, surgical-grade plastic, but they were also gently melted onto the fabric to ditch unnecessary additional substances, like glue. Plus, the included carrying case ensures you can take your all-natural back pain remedy on the go.

One five-star reviewer even claimed it changed their life: "I've suffered from lower back and neck pain since I was a child and this has been an absolute game changer. I use the mat and pillow when I get up in the morning and I before I go to bed at night. My pain has gone from an 8 to a 2."

Best for Lower Back Pain: Ajna Acupressure Pillow

Acupressure Pillow

At just 17-by-12-inches, this compact acupressure pillow can be be manipulated to target different points of your body to trigger pain relief, like the curve of your lower back or along your sides. The smaller size means you'll have less acupressure points—there are 1,482—but it makes this pillow great for traveling and easy to store. Plus, you'll actually feel comfortable making skin contact with the sustainable pillow—it's made from organic linen and stuffed with buckwheat and lavender hulls. Reviewers say it not only smells amazing (thanks to the lavender), but that it's actually "life-changing." It's no surprise a reviewer even called it "the best acupressure pillow."

Best for Relaxation: Spoonk Cotton Acupressure Mat

Spoonk Cotton Magenta Acupressure Massage Mat with Carry-Bag

Spoonk's sustainable mat combines super plush, plant-based foam with a thick, high-quality cotton base to create a cushioned mat that you'll actually want to lay on (once your body adjusts to the acupressure spikes, that is). While the 36-by-15-inch mat only has 6,200 stimulation points—the lowest amount on the list—it'll actually have the strongest effect. With less points to distribute your body weight, the acupressure effect is increased, making the 15-minute treatment more painful at first—but also more effective.

While there's over 1,000 positive Amazon reviews for this mat, one reviewer summed it up best: "This mat is amazing. At first, it feels like you are lying on needles. But after 5 minutes or so, my muscles just let go and I sink into deep relaxation. I've even fallen asleep while on top of it! This is now a part of my everyday health routine."

Most Pressure Points: Acuswede Pain Relief & Muscle Recovery Acupressure Mat

Acuswede Pain Relief & Muscle Recovery Acupressure Mat

This professional-grade mat is covered in 14,000 acupressure points to simultaneously target tension in your back, shoulders, glutes, and hips. You'll love that the high-quality design not only uses a wetsuit-like neoprene material that's super easy to clean, but actually wedges the acupressure points through the mat (rather than gluing the plastic piece on top), ensuring the durable mat lasts for years to come. Plus, it even comes with spare buttons. While there isn't much of customer feedback on this mat yet, every single review has something positive to say about the quality of the mat and how well it works for pain relief and relaxation. In fact, one reviewer, who had experimented with other brands confirmed that this pick "really is worth twice the cost." Another said it gave them "amazing pain relief."

Best for Feet: SSAV Foot Massage Mat

Foot Massage Mat for Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

If you suffer from foot pain rather than back pain, this soothing mat—with 300 smooth spikes optimized for targeting your feet—should be your top pick. At just 10-by-13-inches, the under-$10, compact mat can easily fit both of your feet without taking up excess space in your home. You'll love that the rubber material is not only super easy to clean (hello, feet!), but also super flexible and durable. There's also built-in suction, so you can use the mat on any surface without fear of slipping. While the brand recommends using the mat for plantar fasciitis, reviewers raved it helped with a plethora of other foot issues, too, including tight muscles and arthritis. Plus, the $9 price point really can't be beat.

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