August 26, 2009
  • Growing pigs with extra omega-3s in them, just to benefit bacon lovers, strikes us as a weird idea. But scientists are putting this genetic engineering to good use: An insulin-producing bacteria has been created that may be able to grow in yogurt, replacing insulin shots for diabetics with a tasty snack. [Popular Science]
  • There’s no normal amount of sex that a couple should have, even though experts agree that sex is not only important to your relationship but also good for your well-being. Still, this survey reports that when it comes to health priorities, women are more concerned about drinking enough water than having enough sex. [Cooking Light]
  • Once a doctor decides that a patient likely has Alzheimer’s disease, it's often too late to stop it. Noticing the subtle, early clues is, therefore, crucial to treatment. Researchers are testing a new way to do that, by monitoring changes in a person’s typing style as an alert to early stages of dementia. [New Scientist]
  • We’re wary of many health hazards hidden in college dorms. Now, we can add asthma to the list. Asthma attacks may be triggered by newfound independence—Mom’s not around to dole out inhaler reminders—and unexpected unhealthy situations, like roommates smoking in nonsmoking dorms. [USA Today]
  • From infrequent flossing, to re-wearing clothes, to leaving the dishes in the sink, we can admit that every once in a while we skimp on cleanliness. Turns out the rest of America’s pretty dirty too. This list of the worst hygiene crimes Americans commit makes us want to wash our hands immediately! [AOL Health]

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