Because coloring is the new meditation.
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Coloring's not just for kids anymore. Since Johanna Basford's Secret Garden was published in 2013, it's sold more than 2 million copies–and jump-started the coloring craze among those past kindergarten.

In addition to feeling like a kid again, there are mental health benefits that come with coloring in (or outside of) the lines. Studies have shown that art therapy, which includes activities like drawing or clay molding, may help with anxiety and stress associated with a cancer diagnosis, care-giving, and trauma. And thanks to its meditative qualities, coloring may help you relax and unwind from the stresses of your daily life by keeping you focused on the task at hand.

Ready to try it out for yourself? Pick up a set of colored pencils ($9, and get to work on one of these awesome adult coloring books.

For the dreamer


Get lost in Johanna Basford's magical world with her follow-up coloring book to The Secret Garden. Filling in her intricate illustrations will offer you an escape from the real world and an outlet to unwind. Enchanted Forest ($10,

For the jetsetter


Before you set off on your next flight, grab a copy of this coloring book to entertain yourself during the journey. Even if you're not currently heading to an exotic location, the images of beautiful international cities are bound to inspire your next itinerary, or at least keep you occupied when the overwhelming wanderlust kicks in. Fantastic Cities ($11,

For the yogi


Whether you're already cool as a cucumber or still trying to find your inner zen, these meditative illustrations should help you color your way to chill. Color Me Calm ($12,

For the music lover


Toss a Bon Iver vinyl onto your record player, grab some colored pencils, and dive into this musically inspired coloring book. Coloring outside the lines is encouraged. Indie Rock Coloring Book ($8,

For the pop culture obsessive


If you're celebrity obsessed or just a fan of iconic ladies like Beyonce and Audrey Hepburn, express your admiration by coloring in the pages of this awesome book. As part of a larger series, artist Mel Elliott created this coloring book as a way to celebrate womanhood and appreciate women for their strengths–can't argue with that goal! Color Me Girl Crush ($13,

For the feminist


Calling all women-empowerment warriors, this handmade coloring book is made for you! It features twenty-three pictures of amazing women, from Marie Curie to Michelle Obama. You could also grab an extra copy for your kids (girls or boys) if you want to teach them a thing or two about women's history. Coloring Outside the Kitchen ($14,

For the urbanite


Embrace your inner metropolitan (or maybe just comedy lover) with this coloring book illustrated by the one and only Abbi Jacobsen, comedian and co-creator of the TV Show Broad City. This book takes you on a quirky journey through NYC, featuring some favorite sites like the High Line and Greenwich Village. If you're more of a West Coast fan, good news, there's also a San Francisco version! Color This Book New York City ($8,

For the ink-fiend


If you're covered in art or maybe just obsessed with pinning tattoo pics on Pinterest, this coloring book is the way to go. Who knows, maybe you'll even find inspiration for your next tat! The Tattoo Coloring Book ($13,

For the fantasy addict


For all of you George R.R. Martin fans, get excited-- the official Game of Thrones coloring book will be available in October. Enough said. A Game of Thrones Coloring Book (A Song of Ice and Fire) ($12,