The "Confident" singer's rules for her latest shoot: no makeup, retouching, or clothes.


"What's wrong with being confident?"—That's the question Demi Lovato asks in her latest single. And after stripping down and rocking nothing but confidence in a recent photo shoot, she proved she practices exactly what she preaches.

The pop star bared it all in front of the camera in a raw and candid shoot for Vanity Fair to promote her upcoming new album, Confident, and also opened up about her journey to achieving a whole new level of self-love and acceptance.

"When I think of confidence, I think of many things. But one thing in particular is feeling comfortable in your own skin," Lovato said in a video from the Vanity Fair shoot.

For the photo series, the singer-songwriter asked photographer Patrick Ecclesine if they could do away with any magazine gimmicks, including retouching and makeup. Oh, and she wanted to truly bare it all by skipping clothes, too.

"I thought there was something incredible about the idea of no makeup whatsoever, no clothes, and no retouching. I would have never thought I would have ever gotten to a place in my life where I could feel comfortable doing that," the 23-year-old said. "It's empowering, and it shows other women that you can get to a place where you can overcome obstacles of body image issues. You can feel comfortable and confident in your skin."

Lovato, who recently launched a mental health awareness campaign, also spoke candidly about her struggle with eating disorders in the past. She explained that she went from "hating every single inch of my body" to loving herself the way she is.

"I learned after working very hard on my spirituality and my soul—and my body—I learned that you can get to a place where you love the skin you're in. And I'm excited to share that with the world," she said.

Lovato lovers everywhere appreciated the star's brave act, taking to Twitter to praise the sexy photos and build a viral hashtag surrounding the artist. The singer expressed gratitude on social media to tell her supporters just how much the positive response means to her.

Add her new single to your favorite workout playlist below:

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