Use these smart makeup tricks to disguise redness, puffiness, and more.
Credit: Getty Images

As sweater weather approaches and pumpkin flavored everything delights our palettes, fall allergies start to kick in. (Blame weed pollen, specifically ragweed.)

When pollen peaks, you’re likely to get an itchy throat, watery eyes, and a stuffy nose. But the cool-weather sniffles can also take a toll on your appearance: Think reddish complexion, puffy eyes, chapped lips, and more.

Luckily, there are simple beauty tricks to combat these unflattering (and annoying) symptoms. “Move the focus away from trouble areas by playing up another," says celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. Bold lips, for example, are a great distraction from puffy eyes, while defined eyes and fluttery lashes will draw the attention up and away from a red, flaky nose.

Step one: get your allergies under control with an over-the-counter antihistamine or visit your doctor for help. Then follow these tips from Greenberg to put your best face forward this season.

Color correct

Smooth a green-tinted primer all over your face to reduce redness and tame a blotchy complexion.

Cover up red nose

To disguise redness, lightly dab—don’t blend—concealer down the bridge of your nose. Then, using a thin brush for precision, dot concealer around your nostril—almost like pointillism. This area is likely dry from excessive blowing and the last thing you want to do is highlight that, so steer clear of patchy spots.

Du-puff your peepers

To “deflate” swollen eyes, try a cream and concealer hybrid. Choose one with soothing ingredients, like cucumber extract and chamomile, and a cooling metal applicator. Glide it over the skin under your eyes, from corner to corner, a few times to help flush out excess fluid. Then blend in the color with your ring fingers.

Amp up radiance

Avoid matte foundations: the drying formulas will zap your glow, making you look, well, sick. Instead, opt for creamy foundations with light-reflecting particles to give skin a healthy looking sheen. Pinpoint areas of discoloration or apply all over for more coverage.

Define your eyes

Trace the upper lashline with dark brown or black eyeliner, then add a touch of shimmery white shadow to the inner corners to make eyes look wider and more awake. (Skip heavy shadows and liner on the lower lashline, both of which can make puffy eyes appear even smaller.) Finish with two coats of waterproof mascara.

Hydrate dry lips

A stuffy nose causes mouth breathing, and mouth breathing leads to chapped lips. To slough away dead skin, gently brush lips with a wet toothbrush, then layer on a thick balm to lock in moisture. For a hint of color, pat on lipstick with your fingertip. Stick with neutral pinks, as bright colors will highlight dryness and cracks.