The Habit That's Sabotaging Your Workouts

A new study out of Northwestern University found we drink more booze on gym days. Here's how that affects your workouts—and your health.

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Ever think: "I killed it at my spin class this morning, so having a glass of wine (or three) is no big deal, right?" Well, turns out you're not alone if you say this to yourself on days you're most active. A new study out of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine found we drink more booze on gym days.

In the study, 150 participants ages 18 to 89 recorded their activity and alcohol consumption on their smartphones daily for 21 days straight, and at three different periods during one year. (Because they needed to record the information every day, they were less likely to forget what exercise they did and drinks they had—or fudge the numbers).

The results—that people drink more on days they exercise—were consistent no matter the participants' age or activity level. That is, it wasn't just the younger, "work hard, play hard" types.

And while a glass of wine isn't bad by any means, when you feel like you've earned more because of your exercise efforts, then routinely drink more, it could have negative effects on your health (taking a toll on your heart, liver, pancreas, and even increasing your risk for several cancers).

Not to mention, one glass of Pinot Noir clocks in at 121 calories, so having more than one could put a serious dent in the calories you burned at the gym.

So stick to one glass, and you'll probably feel better tomorrow anyway, so you can rock your next workout.

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