June 30, 2009

  • If you read it in an Internet chat room, it must be good advice, right? We thought this would be obvious by now, but doctors are still warning people not to throw swine flu parties. [CNN]

  • We've heard of things like bridal boot camps to get women in shape for their weddings, but we're even more impressed by this get-healthy incentive for men: A charity in Saudi Arabia is offering all-expenses-paid weddings to young grooms-to-be who quit smoking before tying the knot. [BBC]

  • For men with fertility problems, the right prescription may be more time between the sheets: A recent study found that sex every day helped reduce damaged sperm, which can in turn help increase pregnancy chances. [Associated Press]

  • Of course, fertility can also affect women—and it turns out that your bikini line might offer some clues as to whether you're at risk. [Vitamin G]

  • By now you probably know to watch out for E. coli–tainted beef and Nestlé cookie dough—but this doctor blogger answers the question: What if I've already eaten them? [SF Gate]