February 24, 2012

Many women would do almost anything for a gorgeous pair of heels or perfectly-fitting jeans—they might even sacrifice their health. Being fashion forward can leave you with more than just a credit card bill, experts say, namely infections, nerve damage, and digestion problems. So what health dangers are lurking in your closet? [TIME Healthland]

In an ideal world, your children look forward to a plate full of veggies at dinnertime. But until that day comes, here are five easy ways to make vegetables more fun for kids. [LilSugar]

Rumor has it that microwaves are bad news; stand too close and the radiation could result in cancer. Our friends at Greatist finally set out to learn the truth about the dangers of microwaves—their discoveries might surprise you. [Greatist]

The Oscars are just days away and party planning is well underway. Haven't finalized your menu yet? Here are 15 healthy party appetizers you and your guests will love. [CookingLight]

When losing weight becomes a challenge thanks to your roommate's Häagen-Dazs obsession or your kid's love of Fruit Roll-Ups, try these tips: How to drop pounds when you don't live alone. [Fitsugar]

Can you think of anyone who's been hit with the flu this season? Neither can we. As much as we'd like to credit the flu shots we all got (ahem!), the CDC tells a different story. Perhaps due to a mild winter, flu season has had a late start this year, and only officially began in February. [Fox News]

Everyone knows excess sun exposure is really dangerous and can lead to skin cancer. Everyone except for teenagers, that is. A study published in the journal Pediatrics says only 25% of 14-year-olds use sunscreen on a regular basis and are less likely to use it as they get older. [dailySpark]

If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, rest assured knowing you aren't the only one. Researchers in Pennsylvania recently discovered which states are the sleepiest and which ones have the most energy.  [HuffPost]