It's totally natural to want to out-burpee a supermodel, right?

Credit: Roz Frazier

Look, I am no spring chicken. There I said it. But I pride myself on being pretty fit (i.e. marathoner, CrossFitter, etc.) And since I am the fitness editor, it’s kind of my job to be “in shape.” So, when I got the invite from Vimmia to test out some of their ah-mazing gear while sweating alongside 23-year-old Nina Agdal—a.k.a. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model and Victoria's Secret Angel—of course I said yes.

I must admit I was a bit intimidated though. Not so much by the workout or the studio's intense red lights—we were at Tone House, yes it's pretty killer—but by the 5'9" leggy blond I was standing behind. Seriously, Nina’s legs went on for days; they are roughly three-fourths of my paltry 5'4" frame. Plus she’s gorgeous. Oh and who wants to workout next to a model and be reminded for an hour that you yourself are not a model.

That's pretty much when I decided that I wanted to beat her at any cost. Because it is totally natural to want to out-sprint, out-bear crawl and out-burpee a supermodel, am I right?

As we worked our way through the session, I became less intimated and more impressed. She wasn’t just going through the motions (I’ve been to tons of events were there is a celebrity who comes geared up and never seems to actually workout); she was killing it. She was lithe, quick, and super strong. And when we were strapped into resistance bands during knee tucks, I realized that she was human too, as I overheard her mention that this core move kills her every time. (Me too Nina; me too.) From that point on, I was pretty sure that we were bonded for life—in my head, of course.

But seriously, it was kind of awesome to know that models don’t just wake up like this (cue Beyonce playing softly in the background). Yes, they still look fabulous when they sweat, but they have to put in work like the rest of us, which is comforting. And just as awesome, I got a little bit of an ego boost because I was able to keep up with Nina the entire time. (FYI: I’ve got more than 10 years on her!)

Post sweat fest, we exchanged high-fives (she told me I killed the workout!) and then we chatted about some of her other go-to workout obsessions, eating healthy, and when she feels sexiest.

Tone House is one of the hardest workouts I have ever done. Are all of your workouts like this?

Tone House is the most intense workout I do. I do Barry’s Bootcamp on Thursday because it’s all abs. I have my personal trainer, Andy Speer, who’s amazing, and then I do SLT for Pilates.

So do you find that mixing things up helps keep things fresh?

Yeah. I had a period where I only did one type of workout, but it didn’t change me because when you just do one thing your body isn’t challenged. So my advice is to definitely mix it up. Do a fun workout, then do something where you actually get something out of it.

Speaking of getting something out of your workouts. What’s one exercise that is good for your body, but that you hate doing?

Squats. I hate squats. I hate legwork, but it’s where you burn the most calories. And it’s an important body part for a woman to work in order to have a good butt.

When you are eating your healthiest, what can we find on your plate?

Raw green salads, vegetables, and lean protein, like white fish or chicken. Very simple meals; nothing added. That’s what I do when I think "eat clean."

When do you feel most beautiful?

After a good workout, a long shower, and shaving my legs. Oh and wearing my facemask. Doing my whole little routine, that’s when I feel the sexiest.