The celebrity trainer gets candid in our May issue.


In case you haven't heard, fitness guru Tracy Anderson is gracing the cover of Health's May issue, and—no surprise here—she looks incredible. In the interview (which hits newsstands this Friday, April 13), the celebrity trainer opens up about everything from self-care to the A-list clientele she works with to her recent engagement to hedge fund manager Nick Riley. Anderson, who is mom to son Sam, 19, and daughter Penelope, 5, tells Health editor-in-chief Lori Leibovich that she is open to the possibility of having another child with Riley.

"I'm going to try and have another child," she says. "I'm 43, but my body feels like it can do it."

Here, Anderson gets real about therapy, healing from her last divorce, and her new fiancé. (For much more, check out the full interview.)

On Riley's super sweet proposal

"We were walking on this street at the base of the mountain and he got down on one knee. I actually crouched down on my knees with him. He said, 'I want you to be my wife. I love Sam, I love Penny, I love you.'"

On how therapy helped her heal from her divorce

"After my second divorce, I spent a year in therapy with two therapists, Dr. Habib Sadeghi and Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes. I was never a therapy-goer before. Even in the face of trauma, I always felt like, 'I can do this.' But then I realized, you know what? I don’t want to invite chaos into my life. I want to learn how to stand up for myself."

On J.Lo's inspiring self-confidence

"Everyone, whether or not they’re a celebrity, has the same fears. Except for Jennifer Lopez. She doesn’t ever hate on herself physically. I mean, she is J.Lo, but I’ve seen very beautiful women hate on themselves, and she’s really the only woman I know who doesn’t."

On how fitness has helped her face challenging times

"It’s not a superficial thing to want to be healthy. People equate healthy with looking your best. That’s fine—it’s a by-product. But being healthy is important so that when life throws you really tough things, you can take the hit. You’ve also got to have people in your life who help you stay sound and in check. You need community."

On how her wellness philosophy has changed over the years

"I just did a Tracy Anderson Vitality Week in Aspen. Two of the women who were in my original group in Indiana came. One of them said, 'You know, this has never been a business to Tracy. She cared about each one of us. She’s the same.' But she also said, and this is proof of how much I’ve evolved, that I grabbed this chunk [of fat] that she didn’t want, and said, 'This has to go.' I would never do that to someone today. Never, never, never. She was saying 'This is fat! This is ugly!' to herself, and I let her say it. Now I would stop her."