"Sometimes we can be our own worst critics," the doctor and mother of two says.

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Between working as an anesthesiologist and raising twins, Real Housewives of Dallas star Tiffany Moon, MD has a lot on her plate. When she can't make time for everything, she reminds herself of her favorite mantra. "My mantra is 'one day at a time,'" she tells Health. "We all have our bad days, and there will always be a tomorrow. You can try again."

Dr. Moon says this mantra comes in handy when she's disappointed in how your day is unfolding. Rather than beating yourself up over it, "channel that energy into doing better tomorrow," she advises.

For her, this often applies to parenting. "I usually get up in the mornings and go to work before my children are even awake," she says. "Some evenings I don't see them either. So, definitely, I don't feel like a very good mother on those days. But I say, 'Well, tomorrow I have off, and we're going to go do this or have this special activity lined up.'"

"Sometimes we can be our own worst critics; some days I feel like I'm a really good doctor but maybe not a very good mom," Dr. Moon says, adding that this is where her mantra comes in: "'One day at a time' is really important to me because it [gives] ourselves a little bit of grace."

Watch the rest of Dr. Moon's mantra in the video above.

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