We don’t deserve you, Tiffany.

By Blake Bakkila
March 04, 2018
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Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph took the stage as presenters, but left as our Oscars sweethearts. They approached the mic holding the winning names... and their uncomfortable stilettos.

Beneath her familiar white gown, Haddish was sporting what looks like a pair of Ugg’s cushy Scuffette II slippers. And Twitter (and we) couldn’t get enough of the sole-ful moment. In most cases, people could only speak through GIFs to share their reactions.

These cozy slippers were deemed award-winning, with one fan calling the slipper moment "the highlight of the night so far."

Others were quick to post their twinning moments.

This was an amazing moment at tonight’s show, but also one we can all learn from. High heels are notoriously harsh on feet, which is why we'd like to recommend Haddish and Rudolph try some of these ways you can keep high heels from ruining your feet. Or at least they could wear one of our favorite comfort heels that won’t wreck your feet.

Maybe as hosts of next year’s show?