Five of our favorite Snowmageddon moments (a.k.a., the happiness break you need right now).

Credit: Instagram

It seems like we’ve been waiting for winter FOREVER. Well, it finally hit the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast this weekend—and hard. I’m talking roughly two feet of snow pounding the northeast urban corridor. And if the blizzard wasn’t bad enough, trudging through the slushy streets Winter Storm Jonas left behind sure was. In other words: Hello, Monday Blues!

Luckily, we have the crazy antics of celebrities who braved the weather "for the gram" to put a smile back on our faces. Here, five of our favorite Snowmageddon moments from the weekend (a.k.a., the happiness break you need right now). Enjoy!

Kate Hudson

Because chatting it up with your girl on lawn chairs during a snowstorm seems like a pretty legit way to spend a Saturday night.

Hannah Bronfman

The sculpted (her abs, my gosh!) DJ and her bae (fiancé Brendan Fallis) sipped champagne in bathing suits and coats in the falling snow. By the looks of their video, these two didn’t mind being snowed in together one bit.

Jennifer Hudson

The Grammy- and Oscar-award winning actress, who is currently shutting down the stage as Shug Avery in Broadway’s The Color Purple, channeled her inner child with a little snowman fun. (Cue Frozen's Do You Want to Build a Snowman?)

Jessica Chastain

The Martian actress spent some time chasing her furry friend, Chaplin, around what looks to be Central Park in this clip.

Diane Kruger

This gorgeous German star jumped for joy at the site of all the snow—or perhaps she was just happy to just get outside for a bit. Cabin fever is real y'all!