Justin Timberlake was overwhelmed with gratitude at a recent concert.

Something about this time of the year seems to bring out feelings of gratitude in everyone, and Grammy-winning pop stars aren't immune.

Justin Timberlake stopped during his December 14 concert in Brooklyn after spotting an adorable 10-year-old boy in the crowd, who happened to be wearing a sharp white suit mirroring (heh, get it?) JT's own impeccable style.

After handing Timberlake a small gift, he told the singer that he’s been listening to Timberlake’s music since he was two.

Clearly overwhelmed, Timberlake opened up the box to discover a bow tie, calling it the “greatest gift ever.”

“Because a gentleman can never have too many bowties…I might have to wear that on Christmas day,” he added.

After seeing the boy start to cry, Timberlake teared up with him. “I love you, kiddo,” he said, before turning his back to hand off the gift for safe keeping and, perhaps, to compose himself. "Sh*t that got me!"

This isn't the first time Timberlake has made a young fan's night: back in August he lead an entire stadium in a rendition of Happy Birthday for an 8-year-old fan in the audience in San Jose, California.

We highly recommend the video above—but get the tissues ready first.