The Madam Secretary star opens up about the beauty of growing older.

By Leslie Barrie
Updated August 11, 2015
Credit: Getty Images

Téa Leoni, 49, knows that aging is actually awesome.

Earlier this year she opened up about growing tired of “chasing youth.”

“I can see now how much of my happiness could be a victim of trying to stay young and desirable,” she said in an interview with More magazine back in March.

Now Leoni is sharing even more of her refreshing thoughts on getting older. In a recent interview with emmy magazine, the Madam Secretary star said, “I earned every line on my face.”

“Every mistake, every sunburn, every stress, every beautiful moment, every minute of a 30-hour labor—that was the first one—I'm wearing it. And I wonder why that isn't considered, in its own way, gorgeous,” she added.

She also had this to say about her evolving relationship with working out.

“Now I don’t exercise for my ass, but so my heart doesn't stop," she said. "Things change."