In this hilarious ad, the pop star demonstrates what can happen when you get a little *too* into your playlist.

By MaryAnn Barone
April 01, 2016

Taylor Swift, the magical unicorn whose music can see you through both a bad breakup and girls' night out, is now here for you at the gym. Consider her your sweat sesh spirit animal.

The pop singer is no stranger to breaking a serious sweat (I mean, have you seen her body?!), and in her new ad for Apple Music, she reenacts a common risk we all face at the gym: Getting a little too into one's playlist.

The video starts with Swift standing on a treadmill, thinking, Man, I hate cardio. Yes, cardio is key, but who hasn't been there? It can be a real drag when you're *really* not feeling it. Fortunately Swift knows the secret to making any workout go faster: the right soundtrack.

She opens Apple Music, lands on a playlist (#GYMFLOW, obviously), and starts running to Drake and Future's Jumpman. Not one to shy away from busting out her favorite lyrics (remember when she covered Kendrick Lamar in her car last year?), Swift starts belting out the song.

She's feeling the beat, doing all kinds of diva arm movements when, all of a sudden, Swift (or a stunt double) face plants.

But don't count her down just yet. Ever the professional, Swift finishes the verse sprawled on the floor.

She tweeted out the video with the caption "Based on true events #TAYLORvsTREADMILL." We can only hope her spill IRL was injury free.

Note to Taylor (and anyone else who dreads the treadmill): It doesn't have to be boring! Give our fun 25-minute fat-burning treadmill workout a try. And if you want to get off the machine, check out these five cardio exercises that'll get your heart racing, no equipment needed.

We have just one question for you, Taylor: Where can we get that cutout workout top?