Suzanne Somers Shares Pantsless Photo to Mark Her 75th Birthday

"Turning three quarters of a century with love in my life feels great!"

Suzanne Somers just turned 75, and she marked the milestone with a leggy Instagram post.

"Thanks for all the birthday love on my 75th! Turning three quarters of a century with love in my life feels great!" the actress captioned a photo of herself in a sweater paired only with heels.

People cheered her on in the comments. "Looks like that Thigh-Master really works! #HotLegs," one person wrote. "Happy Birthday Suzanne! 🎂🥂🎂 Great legs!" another said.

Somers has opened up about getting older, saying it's something she embraces. "Aging is amazing. Aging is something you should aspire to and look forward to and want," she said in a cover story for Park Magazine.

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The former Three's Company star dramatically altered her lifestyle after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020 and now follows a strict organic diet. "I eat as though my life depends upon it, because I believe it does," she said.

Somers also explained that since she "embraced health," she's enjoyed life more. "I like the way I look. I like the way I feel. I like my energy. I have wisdom. I have perspective, and I can tell you that aging can be so incredible if you know how to approach it," she said. "It takes a little bit of work. It's about health; about shifting your thinking and understanding what it is that's making us sick and how we can combat it."

Somers said that eating a good diet, getting enough sleep, and maintaining a hormonal balance helps her stay healthy. "We have to learn the language of our bodies. Itching, bitching, lack of sleep, sweating, bloating, forgetfulness, being dried up; that's the body talking," she said.

Somers also talked about taking fish oil daily and making dietary tweaks to eat healthier. One of her favorite meals, she said, is organic chicken with olive oil, rosemary, and thyme. "When I eat this meal, I think it's like healthy medicine I'm eating," she said. "It's just so delicious."

Sex is also a big part of her anti-aging secret. Somers shared earlier this year on the podcast Heather Dubrow's World that she and her husband, Alan Hamel, have sex a lot. "What time is it, noon? I had sex with him three times so far today," she revealed.

Somers also said that her husband is usually ready to go when he wakes up. "What is this thing about 4:30 in the morning that's suddenly like, 'Oh there he is.' I'm like, 'Could you just wait 'til the sun comes up?'" she joked. But Somers said she and her husband are "having fun" together. "Our relationship has always been amazing," she said. "But now that our kids are raised and it's just me and Al, and we paid for the tuition, we paid for the weddings and helped them get their start—now it's just us."

Somers told People in 2020 that she and Hamel "worked hard to get to this place where we're comfortable. And we are so content together. We dance together, and we have a cocktail together at night. It's romantic and sexy. And it's not old people romantic. It's cool."

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