From her go-to snacks to the under-eye trick that works legit miracles, check 'em out below.

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A few things happens to us MIMI gals when Fashion Month kicks off. For starters, our social media feeds are flooded with behind-the-scenes beauty and runway photos, meaning our fingers go into double tapping overtime. So many things to like, so little time. On top of that, we’re left completely mystified by the lives, travel, and beauty secrets of supermodels.

Besides going from tent to tent, how do they jet-set all over the world and look so damn good? Luckily, supermodel Emanuela de Paula, who is also a L’Oreal Paris Brand Ambassador and a former Victoria’s Secret Model, shared all her personal secrets. From her go-to snacks to the under-eye trick that works legit miracles, check ‘em out below.

What hair-care products do you NEED in your bag?

"I travel really often and love it more than ever now the more I do it! I treat my hair in a very good salon in Brazil, and they have this incredible hair product called PROTEIN. I use it on my hair almost everyday, 30 minutes before washing. It's like a treatment to keep the hair strong, shine, and super healthy."

What’s the eye cream you swear by to give you a rested look?

"Camomile tea bags for 10 minutes lying in bed. Trust me!"

Do you have any go-to lipstick shades you always have on you?

"There is one I absolutely LOVE, it is from Tom Ford but I forgot the name! It's kind of a netural color for my skin tone. I love the brownish pink hue and the texture is not too dry, it's perfect!"

What are you grabbing to stay fueled?

"I love almonds, rice crackers with almond butter, grapes, and apple!"

So what other essentials are always in your bag?

"Hand sanitizer, sunblock, headphones, lip balm, and my camera! I have a blog Manu by Manu, and I take all the pictures on there!"

What about the skin-care that always makes your routine?

"Ling, Vichy, and SkinCeuticals are some brands I swear by."

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