Cooking up a batch GOOP's sex bark will cost you more than a hundred bucks. We've got a better idea.
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Chocolate has a smooth way of romancing us into a happy place. But forget that plain old Godiva bar. Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to try her “Sex Bark."

On GOOP, the Mortdecai star’s lifestyle blog, a post touts the recipe for the chocolate delicacy, claiming it has the power to “enhance youthfulness, reproductive function and sex drive." Unfortunately, this isn’t a cheap treat; Refinery29 tallied up the cost and found that these seven ingredients will set you back $138!

Plus, some of them aren't exactly available in grocery stores. They include three pricey delicacies from California-based holistic foods store Moon Juice: cacao ($15 for 16 ounces,; Sex Dust, described as an "aphrodisiac warming potion" ($60 for 4 ounces,; and ho shou wu, an herb tonic ($18 for 4 ounces,


Oh, Gwyneth. No.

We're sure it's tasty, but you don't need a fancy dust or potion when regular cocoa will do; regular chocolate contains mood-lifting hormones like serotonin and phenylethylamine, which may be why so many think of it as an aphrodisiac.

Beth Lipton, Health’s Food Director, has a much more down-to-earth suggestion for spoiling your lover this Valentine’s Day: Spiced Chocolate Brownie Pudding, from our friends at

“The cinnamon in this recipe is very warming, and will give you that warm glow,” explains Lipton. “The combo of the two chocolate textures is pretty sensual.” And the ingredients? You probably have them on hand.