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Getty ImagesSarah Chalke, Scrubs veteran and star of the new Lifetime miniseries, Maneater, shares her back-to-basics approach to living well with Health.

Simple pleasures:
Ive always loved being in the fresh air. I like to go hiking with my dog, Lola. Its so therapeutic and relaxing and healing being outside. I love to walk—I walk wherever I can. I will take it over driving any day!

Instant “me” time
My favorite thing is to take a hot bath with lavender, even if only for 10 minutes, just to have a little time to absorb everything thats going on. If you race through life too fast, you miss it. As you get older, time just starts to go faster and faster.

Grandma knows best
I love chamomile tea. My grandmother told me that tea is a cure-all—for when youre sick or your stomach is upset or you have an earache. Tazo Calm is the best!

Healthy on-the-go
When I travel, I bring healthy snacks: apples, toasted almonds, almond butter, dried fruits, and my favorite teas. And supplements: I take the New Chapter Every Womans One Daily, and I eat flaxseed oil at almost every meal.

Favorite indulgence:
Dark chocolate, either the Scharffen Berger 70% bar or the NewTree 73% bar, which comes in a tiny box with three wrapped pieces. My fiance, Jamie [Afifi], hid my engagement ring inside one of the wrappers when he proposed because Im so obsessed with it.

What Im fanatical about:
I never, ever get a tan. I wear very-high-SPF sunscreen when I am outside. We lost my aunt to melanoma eight years ago.

When I have to show some skin:
Body makeup is a great thing. It definitely makes you feel better if you have to do a bra-and-underwear scene.

Perfect night at home:
Order Thai food, snuggle in, and watch a movie. And play a little bit of Rock Band, if I am being totally honest!

Free stress buster:
Part of dealing with a bad day is changing your perspective. My parents have an adoption agency, and they took my sisters and me all over the world to show us how the majority of the world lives. Its important to kick yourself and get perspective.