The fitness personality may be taking a break from the spotlight, but he'll always inspire us to get moving.

Credit: Getty Images

f you wanted to shape up in the 80s, there's a good chance you put on a Richard Simmons video. The 68-year-old fitness guru is famous for his aerobics-based workouts; over the years,he's released an incredible65videos, acted on TV and in movies, written books, and opened a Beverly Hill studio, Slimmons.

Simmons has shied away from the spotlight in recent years, having taught his final class at Slimmons in2014and giving only phone interviews since. But the new podcast Missing Richard Simmons has put his name back into everyone's minds, leading to theories about why the fitness personality has become reclusive. (For the record, his brother Lenny Simmons and longtime manager Michael Catalano both maintain to People that Simmons is alive and welljustrelishing some much-deserved alone time after decades in the public eye.)

With all the recent buzz surrounding Simmons, we couldn't help but reminisce about how much he's done for the health and fitness community over the years. With his vibrant personality, infectious laugh, and trademark short-shorts, Simmons brought new energy to the fitness realm, and his workout videos helped millions of people get fit. Here, seven of our all-time favorite Richard Simmons quotes that will inspire you to think positive, practice self-care, and get moving.

On getting in shape

"Number one, love yourself. Have a lot of self worth. Number two, lower your calories and watch your portions. And number [three], move those buns!" The Ellen Show, 2010

On finding a weight-loss strategy that works for you

"People are still grasping for the miracle, and unfortunately, there are no miracles, if you do not exercise for a year, and let your body remain dormant, then you will gain weight.", 2007

On self-love

"No one is perfect. Love yourself for all of you, and everyone else will too." Facebook, 2016

"It's consistency and looking in the mirror every day and giving yourself some compliments. Being kind and non-judgmental to yourself and others. ... If we did that, it'd be a better world." CNN, 2014

On positive thinking

"If you live in the past and think about all of the things that happened to you in the past, you'll have no enthusiasm because your mind will be burdened with negativity. ... We're here to get better." Cruise to Lose cruise, 2010

On his life's work

"I have to do [my work] till the day I die. If I don't move, I'm not happy." NPR, 2012

"You know, I do what I want to do as I've always done, so people should sort of just believe what I have to say because, like, I'm Richard Simmons!" The Today Show, 2016